About Amanda

Amanda is a Transplant, which is a somewhat affectionate name for someone who moved to Alaska from somewhere else but calls Alaska home. There’s a whole culture around being “Alaskan Grown” and they don’t just mean crops!


I love Alaska, and it’s the place I call home even though I was raised in multiple countries. Living in Alaska was a lifelong dream for me. Ever since I can remember, my dad used to tell me stories about his childhood in Alaska, and every story was ended with, “Maybe one day we’ll move there!” My siblings and I were always excited at this prospect, and just after I graduated high school, my dad made that dream come true for our whole family (good guy, that one!).

I didn’t stay in Alaska long, but I came back again and again. By the time I hit the big 29, I was ready to think about settling down. My friends used to joke that I was a nomad, and I retorted that they were trees with deep roots while I was a bird who needed to fly. I like to think of myself as a bird with a nice nest these days. I dream of building a little cottage in the mountains where I can read the hundreds of books I need to read and the thousands I want to read. If I died today, I’d regret that I didn’t write more, so I want to write more. I recently picked up sewing as a hobby, and I want to share all the things I’ve sewed.

This blog is all about the things that keep me busy. I hope you enjoy reading my thoughts and looking at the pictures I post.

You can contact me at amandac@arcticmusings.com.

I love reading your comments, so leave one if you have thoughts you'd like to share!

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