Review: Holly Lisle’s Writing Flash Fiction That Doesn’t Suck (Week 2)

Rating: Review in Progress

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I was browsing Reddit, and came across an Ask Reddit thread about things Redditors will never completely get over. One story, about a writer who stopped writing due to childhood bullying touched me, and I read through all the comments. One of the commentors suggested a 3-week class by a woman I had never heard of: Holly Lisle’s Writing Flash Fiction That Doesn’t Suck, and even more importantly, the commentor provided a link to the course.

Week 2 Course Review
Week 2 starts out with another extremely simple exercise–  very similar to that first-grade exercise which initially made me feel patronized and slightly insulted my intelligence in week 1’s course.  But don’t be put off by it. If you follow through, magic happens! Your beginnings solidify into stories very quickly.

I’m not done with week 2 yet… partly because I have 15 stories instead of just 5, and partly because my sheer excitement is a hindering factor in my productivity. I am writing! Looking at my word document, I’m seeing all these words on the page, and these stories are coming to life. I’m just working on the “set up” for the middles, which is broken down into very simple instructions. The ideas are pouring out of my mind, at least when I can pull myself away from reading what I’ve already written. I feel so excited about my stories already.

I think a healthy dose of skepticism is good, but my skepticism about this course has been completely reversed! I’m in the area of barely controlled excitement, and I feel the urge to go through all of Holly Lisle’s classes based on the sense of accomplishment I’ve gotten just from this course.

Fortunately, I also have week 3’s course already, so as soon as I am done with Week 2, I can hop right into Week 3!

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