The cost of clearing land!

The last weekend of June, I rented a bulldozer. The company I used delievered the bull dozer to my property for $125, and I got to use up to 8 hours of dozer time for $325, and any hours over that was $41 per hour. I opted to have the company fill up the dozer for me, and that charge was market price plus $1 per gallon.

Unfortunately, neither the rental company nor I thought to check the hours on the dozer, so I’m not sure exactly how many hours were put on the dozer. Definitely at least 8 hours, but maybe as many as 15. I do know that I used up 15 gallons of fuel, and the fuel charge was $75.00. All told, my weekend of dozer work cost $525.

Please note that my dad did the vast majority of the dozer work, and if you didn’t know what you were doing, you wouldn’t have gotten as much done in the amount of time that he did. A skilled operator can do so much more than a novice– my boyfriend and I both took turns on the dozer, and my dad looked like Mario Andretti compared to us. Plus, when the dozer stops working for no reason at all, you want someone who can look at it and understand what it’s supposed to be doing. My dad managed to fix a very minor issue with a piece of wire, and I would have had to drive out of camp to an area with cell reception to call the rental company.

If you are going to rent a dozer, make sure you have someone who knows what they are doing to help you figure it out. More than one tree was accidentally felled when a tree we meant to push over fell too close to it. There’s a lot of potential to get hurt when you’re pushing over trees that are 40 feet tall and weigh over a thousand pounds. Maybe, if you’re lucky, the person who helps you will do it for free because it’s fun to do!

Other than the cost of purchasing the property, this is the first real sum of money that I’ve spent on the property.

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