Review: The Apocolypse Sucks!

Rating: 3 Stars

The Apocolypse Sucks is a graphic novel written by Peggy Chambers and illustrated by Zachary Brunner. The book is a self-proclaimed pulp mash-up, and so I went into the whole reading experience expecting a certain level of whimsy to the story. This is a great book to put a smile on your face and make waiting in line or at an airport less miserable. It’s worth every second of the time it takes to read, but if you just don’t have room on your goodreads list, you won’t be missing a critical piece of literary work.

I loved the story– it whiled away a nice afternoon. I read it on my Kindle, so the graphics were only slightly lost on me. I’m willing to bet I would have gotten more out of it if I had a paper copy, but I had the next best thing, so the kindle version is what I got. If you like graphic novels, or if you aren’t sure how you feel about them, read this one. It’s a good “pulp mash-up” which to my mind means that there’s a certain level of cheesiness that is required and expected, but there were plenty of insightful moments, too.

One part that has stuck with me is when one of the main female characters explains how her friend (the other main female character) was just the office slut before the world went crazy. They became close friends, and then drifted apart before coming back together again in the end. My friendships are a lot like that– people come and go in and out of my life for no real reason… just because. It’s not that I’m bad at keeping in touch or that I have fickle feelings. I just kind of go through phases of hibernation where I really don’t socialize much at all. My best friends are the ones with whom I can resume a conversation right where we left off 9 months ago. I just identified really well with the character, and it added depth to my observations regarding my own friendships.

The book was a simple read, and it was thoroughly enjoyable. Give it a shot!

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