The off-the-grid cabin of my dreams

Once I started seriously considering building a cabin, I instantly began to notice architectural features that I usually ignored. Now, years after I began entertaining the idea of owning a cabin, I have an idea of what I want in a cabin. I have spent countless hours looking at cabin designs. I’ve discussed cabin designs with anyone and everyone who would listen. My dream cabin has morphed from a little shack with a wood burning stove to a modern house with a wood burning stove. With every discussion, my ideal space has been revised, and I finally found a place that I love.

Last week, I was browsing the websites of random designers, and I found someone who had designed a cabin that incorporates nearly everything I wanted in a cabin (and worked around all the things I didn’t like about other cabins). This cabin is not too big, but it has room enough for two people to live comfortably together. The cabin has a loft, but the design is such that the loft doesn’t have that wasted space where there’s only a few inches between the floor and the ceiling. It has a wood-burning stove. It has plenty of windows for natural light or aurora viewing. There’s a host of shelves and little nooks for storage, and the floor plan is open so that the cook can visit with company while in the kitchen. There’s a nice porch that’s screened in, and a large deck for when you want the full Alaska sun. There are big, sturdy storm covers so that you can close it up when you’re going to be away for long periods of time. AND… it’s completely off-the-grid, which is a good thing since there isn’t exactly a grid for me to hook up to in the remote wilderness of Alaska.

You can click through to see photos of the cabin, and feel free to comment below on what you think of the cabin/house.

The off-the-grid cabin of my dreams!

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