Review: Dating Advice from the Internet

Rating: 4 Stars

So this review is about a post and not a book– just to clarify. I hope you’ll click through to the link because the read is short, but full of content. I like to think of it as a content-rich, length-restricted endeavor… you’ll get a lot out of your investment of just a few minute’s time. Also, it might be handy to have open.

I read some writing a year or so ago, and it has stuck with me. The thing I read is a post by Charles Wanke, and the thing that stuck with me is Charles Wanke’s assertion that a girl who reads has a certain opinion on the narrative of her life. My life does have meaning, and if I told you my life story, it would be rich with meaning, excitement, intrigue, and so many lessons learned. If someone else told you my life story, not so much, but the way that I remember my life is a long story with plots, sub-plots, unbelievable twists, and each chapter is completely with it’s own beginning, climax, and conclusion. In all things, I started out naive and new, and learned (or am learning) what I need to know to draw to a satisfying conclusion.

I have this story bookmarked so that I can read it over again. It gives me a good feeling, and it reminds why I want to write. Writing helps me find value in the things I’ve done and the places I’ve been… in the people I’ve loved and lost touch with.

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