The Property… Or The Place Where My Dream Cabin Will Come True

In April 2013, I purchased “The Property.” The Property means so much to me– I spent a few weekends there every summer, and I have spent more or less time there as I was able. For a while, my parents had a big cabin there, and that meant I could go every weekend, all the way through the winter. After the lot with the cabin sold, there was just The Property left (fine, fine… I’ll dispense with unnecessarily capitalizing the not-exactly-proper noun). I thought that my dad would build another cabin on one lot and sell it before flipping the second lot in the same manner. It had made him a lot of money twice already!

But, at breakfast at Gwennie’s one morning, I was talking to my parents about buying a new car. My dad said something along the lines of, “Well, I could sell you the property for $15,000,” and then he continued, “In 20 years, that car will be in the junk yard, but that property will be worth a pretty penny.”

Now, the property means a lot to me. My parents bought a one-acre lot on a corner, and they eventually built a little cabin on it. Then, they expanded the cabin and made it a little bigger. It had the nicest outhouse you’ve ever seen– cedar wood made sure it always smelled nice, and there was a little privacy area where men could do their quick business with no hassle. My dad had a zip line strung up, and it was a lot of fun to run up the hill, zip down, and repeat until our arms couldn’t hold out anymore. While I was living in Chicago, my mom called to say that they had traded the one-acre with a cabin for a bigger chunk of land a mile down the road on a different corner. It was here that my parents built the big two-story cabin with a 22-foot deck. We had many good memories in that cabin, too– playing xbox games late into the evening, setting up bird feeders, and that time I nearly set the cabin on fire when my fire-roasted vegetables got a little out of hand. Do not ever put your grill right next to the wall of your cabin, by the way!

So, the property that remained was 5 full acres, and at $15,000, that was quite a good deal. As soon as my boyfriend and I got in the truck, we began talking about the property. I couldn’t afford to buy a new car and the property at the same time. I was disappointed… because I was excited about my new car, but I also really wanted to get the property. I hated the idea that someone else might buy it, and the property is my absolute favorite place on earth… I wouldn’t be able to go there anymore. My boyfriend encouraged me to forget the car and get the property. He said I could use his truck when I needed to. I started doing research and figuring out how I could get to work without a car.

And at some point, I decided to skip owning a car at all and own the property instead. I got a personal loan for $15,000, and we signed the papers the following month. The property is mine, now. I want a cabin. Even though the big cabin was nice, I want something more like the little cabin with a big porch. I imagine I will go there to write, decompress from all the technology I love, and get exercise with my dogs. I like to think that I could build a home there– a completely off-the-grid home where I can give up the 9 to 5 and live a little more simply.

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7 Responses to The Property… Or The Place Where My Dream Cabin Will Come True

  1. Pete says:

    Great writing thanks..

  2. Adam Kamerer says:

    It sounds like a beautiful piece of property. My wife and I would love to own some land of our own in a wooded area. We’re in Alabama, so we’re looking in the Southeast — maybe somewhere in Tennessee. But then, the West Coast is calling too — somewhere near Portland, Oregon might be nice!

  3. mistyeyzz says:

    I just bought 6 acres in Arkansas and am moving in March 2014. It is raw, undeveloped land and I will be starting from scratch. I will be sharing my experiences on my new blog. Come follow the Adventures of Misty Eyzz.

  4. James Clayton says:

    I’m jealous. I just found your blog, and rediscovered my long lost cousin. Maybe one day I will have my own cabin in the wilderness.

    J. Clayton

    • Amanda says:

      Hey there, long lost cuz! Not a thing in the world to be jealous of! You’re welcome to visit anytime! Plus, $15,000 would probably get you 5 acres or more in your neck of the woods. I haven’t had a car for nearly 3 years while I pay off the property.

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