Review: Baxter Bog Interlude by Arnie Bue

Rating: 2 Stars (Great idea, poorly written)

I read this entire book, and I loved the idea– a weird bug causes zombie-like issues in animals and the life of the main character (a field biologist for the company responsible for the infection) is turned upside down. The story starts in Anchorage (practical in my back yard!) and makes its way to some pretty remote places in Alaska with plenty of thrills along the way.

The problem with this book is that I feel the author made a huge mistake in the telling of the story. The author tells us everything we could want to know. Does that guy have a thing for that girl? Why yes, because the author just told us he does. Are they going to make out? Yup and the love scenes made me laugh. I really wish the author would go back, and skip all the “feeling” words– no use of words like the following: he thought, he felt, he wondered, etc. Instead of telling us what the main character thought or felt, I would like to know how the character behaved to support that. Instead of, “He thought she was pretty,” I want to read something like, “He loved the way the sunlight made her hair golden and the way her eyes squinted when she smiled.”

Again– I loved the idea behind this book, but it read more like a rough draft than a final book.

If you’d like to try a read, you can get it at Amazon. Baxter Bog Interlude by Arnie Bue

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